About Remind Tutoring

Remind tutoring is an educational service that is an integral part of a communication platform that supports millions of students, parents, and educators. Remind tutoring provides support and connects tutors with students seeking assistance in Math, Reading, and Writing. At its core, Remind has been committed to powering the relationships that help students to succeed.

Our approach to supporting students is for long-term success and at Remind, we understand that this is done by fostering relationships. One-and-done or single problem-focused sessions are ineffective and as such, we match students and tutors to stay together until the student is ready to move on to the next subject. By striving for students’ long-term success, we incorporate both subject matter knowledge and critical learning skills into our 40-60 minute sessions with students. Additionally, our platform empowers parents to be active supporters by giving them the information they need to support their kids’ success effectively. 

You’re excited about this opportunity because Remind offers:

  • FLEXIBILITY:  Remind tutors can schedule recurring availability around their personal life and can tutor from the comfort of their home. 
  • CUSTOMIZATION:  Tutors are able to provide more impact because they can cater to the individual student’s needs in a way that classroom instruction does not allow. 
  • DIVERSE STUDENTS: Remind’s student base is diverse and from varied areas across the country. 
  • TOOLS & RESOURCES: Remind Chat allows tutors and parents/students a robust platform to communicate directly and in real-time via the Remind app to discuss homework assignments and plans prior to sessions. Remind provides an interactive whiteboard to each student while in session, that updates in real-time for customized interactive learning. Remind provides session guides on how to work with specific grade levels and structure your sessions, as well as Session Summary Templates for taking notes during the session to update parents and students after each session on progress. 
  • NO ADMIN WORK: Remind finds students, manages tutor calendars, and handles payments so tutors can focus on what they love and do best: teaching!

We’re excited about you because you:

  • Have 1+ years of experience tutoring students 
  • Are eligible to work in the United States or US Territories*
  • You are an excellent communicator adept at forming relationships with students
  • Have at least 2 consistent hours a week that you can dedicate to tutoring
  • Are able to set clear and measurable expectations with students, as well as establish a space where questions are encouraged 
  • Have the know-how to ask guiding questions. For example: “What do you think we should do next?” or “Do you know the first step?”
    • Explain concepts with clarity and patience
    • Be prepared to explain when students don’t understand. Try not to show frustration or surprise that they don’t know a concept
  • Are equipped to check in with students to ensure the lessons covered are being retained
    • Make sure to check in at the beginning and end of the session as well as throughout
  • Own a computer/Laptop/touchscreen device with a strong and reliable internet connection for interactive white-boarding (optional, but preferred)

Background Check required

*We currently cannot hire tutors from CA, CT, MA, NH, NJ, or VT - if you are in one of these states, feel free to apply and we will keep your info on file in case our needs change!

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