Lime Access Canada

At Lime, we believe in providing transport options for all. That's why we've created Lime Access: an affordable way to use Lime in your city. We're proud to launch our industry-leading Lime Access scheme across our Canadian services, supporting lower income users with significantly discounted e-bike and e-scooter rides. 

Lime Access offers a 70% discount to Lime users on low incomes, making safe, green and socially-distanced transport an option for everybody.

To qualify, you simply need to state your reasons for eligibility. These may include, though are not limited to, being unemployed, or receiving support from the government, such as a discounted public transport pass, or universal credit. Please see below for qualifying forms of identification. This information must be correct, and your responses on this form are legally binding. 

Terms & Conditions apply. Please see below. 

Ride on! 

Ottawa Eligibility:

Kelowna Eligibility: 

North Vancouver Eligibility

Richmond Eligibility

T&Cs: By providing us with your phone and email and clicking "Submit", you agree that we may call or text you regarding your application. One code will be allowed per user at any time. This code allows Lime Access users 50% off all rides. When the discounted rides are used, you will be eligible to apply for another code.  The information submitted in this form will be collected and processed in accordance with Lime's Privacy Notice and Fountain’s Privacy Policy the information you submit is legally binding. 

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Please denote the City or Town you are applying for Lime Access in

Please upload the identification card that qualifies you for Lime Access

Please upload a City or National identification card that can be used to verify your identity

By providing us with your phone number and clicking "Submit", you agree that we may call or text you regarding your application. Message & data rates may apply.

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